Company Profile

New Vision Psychology is a clinical private practice based in Sydney’s CBD, with clinics in Martin Place, Burwood, Chatswood and Hurstville.

As one of Sydney’s most inclusive psychology practices, we provide a comprehensive range of services by 22 practitioners in 10 languages. Our team of mental health practitioners treat children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide the perfect fit for their specific needs.

Established in 2009, Directors Danni Zhang and Johan Crouch were driven by their desire to make a difference in private practice. As seasoned practitioners in the industry, they noticed a few problems – some psychology practices were cold and impersonal, others were selective with who they chose to take on, and many had long and indefinite wait times. People trying to seek help often felt out of place, uncomfortable and weren’t treated equally. They found this unacceptable for an industry based on trust and human connection. This is when they set out to create a place that was inclusive, respectful and welcoming for everyone.

New Vision Psychology opened its first practice in Chatswood and has been steadily evolving and expanding since. Our Hurstville clinic opened in 2015, followed by the city branch in 2019 and Burwood in 2021.

We are a commissioned partner with the Sydney North Health Network, a Primary Health Network (PHN) established by the government. We are also an NDIS registered provider and our many of our psychologists are registered with the SIRA to provide services for Workcover. We are the official EAP partner of China Everbright Bank and also provide EAP services for organisations across Sydney. We also work with schools, lawyers and migration agents.

Our team of psychologists conduct sessions in the following languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Hebrew, Telugu, and Shanghainese.

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Our clinical interventions include: