Benefits of paying a gap fee for psychology services

Q. My GP told me I’ll get 10 sessions for free… so why do I still have to pay?

Psychology sessions are not free. Your GP is actually referring to 10 subsidised sessions.

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, your sessions are subsidised by Medicare.

This means that Medicare covers a portion of the cost, while you pay the remaining amount.

At New Vision Psychology, a session with a registered psychologist costs $240. Medicare gives you back $93.35, so that you only pay $146.65 – this is called the “gap”.

Q. Why is there a gap fee?

A gap fee allows us to offer you the best range of psychologists and services.

When you pay a gap fee at New Vision Psychology, you:

  • Choose from over 30 highly experienced psychologists with a broad range of skills and expertise
  • Find your best therapeutic fit with our personalised matching services
  • Access specialised diagnostic tools and cognitive assessments
  • Secure an appointment quickly without being put on a long waitlist
  • Speak to clinically trained receptionists who respond to all enquiries within 24 hours
  • Enjoy comfortable counselling rooms, conveniently located near major train stations

Q. Why don’t you offer a free/no-gap service?

For psychologists to provide a free service (covered entirely by Medicare), they would have to charge $93.35, when the Australian Psychological Society’s recommended rate is $300. That’s less than 30% of the industry’s rate!

At New Vision Psychology, we don’t do this because we don’t want to compromise on our quality of service to you.

We deeply value and respect our clients – this means we invest in highly trained staff and efficient structures to create seamless therapeutic experiences and facilitate better treatment outcomes.

When you pay a gap fee at New Vision Psychology, you enjoy the following benefits:

1. Minimal wait times

At New Vision Psychology, you won’t be put on a long waiting list, nor will you be competing with hundreds of others vying for a spot.

As a large practice, we have the capacity to get you an appointment more quickly than usual. We understand mental health issues can be time-sensitive and never want to make our clients wait to get help.

2. Better therapeutic fit and outcomes

New Vision Psychology has more than 30 practitioners, with varied areas of expertise, speaking 10 languages, across 5 locations.

We aim to increase your chances of finding the best therapeutic fit, which will in turn improve your therapy outcomes. Your options include:

  • Phone: Our clinical intake team is professionally trained to help you find your best therapeutic match. Call us at 1300 001 778 to discuss your personal needs and preferences.
  • Online matching tool: This helpful tool pairs you with the most suitable psychologist for your needs.

3. Our psychologists focus on quality over quantity

Psychologists who charge a gap fee do not need to have a high quantity of clients. This allows them to take care of their own mental health and prevent burnout, ensuring that they maintain quality of care to each client.

At New Vision Psychology, our experienced psychologists are highly dedicated to your progress. They come from various professional backgrounds and are equipped with an extensive range of skills and expertise. You can be confident that you’ll be receiving 100% effort and attention from your psychologist.

4. Comprehensive psychology services and treatment areas

We provide a full range of psychological treatments and services. This includes child psychology, diagnostic tools, cognitive assessments, legal reports and more. Our psychologists also have the capacity and expertise to handle complex psychological issues.

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Q. I’m on a pension/low-income and can’t afford to pay for mental health services. How do I get free help for my mental health? don’t you offer a free/no-gap service?

Free mental health services are an essential part of our society, as they are often the only option for underserviced populations and those most in need.

Here are some free counselling services:

If you need help immediately, or in an emergency, please dial 000.

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