Grief Counselling Sydney

Compassionate counselling to help you navigate grief

What is grief counselling?

Grief counselling is a specific type of therapy, focused on helping individuals to navigate grief and the complex emotions that come with experiencing a loss.

Unfortunately, grief and loss are a part of life, and everyone will experience the emotional and psychological challenges that come with it. Using compassion, empathy, and understanding, grief counsellors help you to understand the grieving process and teach you how to work through it.

While the process of grieving can be overwhelming, you do not need to go through it alone. At New Vision Psychology, our expert team of psychologists are available to support you through your journey and help you deal with the inevitable feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, guilt, or despair that come with grief. It is completely normal to feel a range of emotions after experiencing loss, and it is never a simple, linear journey. Professional grief counselling services in Sydney offer an effective way to work through your pain, and not let it take over your life.

How New Vision Psychology can help:

Whether you need help to process your loss and the resulting flood of emotions, or you are looking to develop the necessary coping skills to navigate through life, our grief counselling services will help you throughout your journey. We offer a tailored service for your unique needs, and our clinical and registered psychologists cater to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Our grief counselling services in Sydney help you to understand the complex emotions you’re going through, manage these feelings within your daily life, and honour your loss. Using an empathetic approach, our qualified team of mental health experts will provide a safe space for you, and any of your friends or family, to heal and find a sense of peace.

Our Session Fees

A standard session at New Vision Psychology is 50-minutes in duration.

Registered Psychologist


  • With Medicare rebate
  • Between 8am-5pm weekdays ($161.65 after hours)

Registered Psychologist


  • Without Medicare rebate
  • Between 8am-5pm weekdays ($255 after hours)

Clinical Psychologist


  • With Medicare rebate
  • Between 8am-5pm weekdays ($157.95 after hours)

Clinical Psychologist


  • Without Medicare rebate
  • Between 8am-5pm weekdays ($295 after hours)

Our psychologists & clinics available for grief counselling

At New Vision Psychology, our team of grief counsellors are available across Sydney, located in Chatswood, Burwood, Castle Hill, Hurstville, and Sydney CBD. Our registered and clinical psychologists are available for in person (face-to-face) consultations, online via platforms such as Zoom, and over the phone.

We understand that every individual’s grieving journey is different, and everyone has a different method to cope with loss, so we make sure to tailor our services to your specific needs. If you, or someone you are close to, is struggling with grief, please feel free to reach out to our team of psychologists to learn more about grief counselling in Sydney and how it can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does grief counseling help?

Absolutely. Dealing with grief and loss and coping with emotional struggles can be a difficult and lonely process. It can be extremely challenging to comprehend the way you are feeling, and you may even feel like no one else understands. However, an empathetic grief counsellor will provide you with a safe space to come to terms with the grief and loss yourself, process your emotions, and find ways to progress onwards within your life.

Our trusted team of grief counselling psychologists in Sydney are highly experienced in helping Australians heal and move on from loss within their lives. You should never feel alone in these difficult times, and grief counselling will give you the professional support to help you recover and thrive.

How do I know if I need grief counselling?

Grief is extremely complex. While it is a natural part of life, everyone’s experience is different. It is common to experience a variety of emotions, ranging from sadness and despair to anger or guilt. It is important to know that all of this is normal, so try not to judge yourself for the way you are feeling.

However, if you do find yourself struggling to move on with your daily life, and your work or relationships are being affected, you may want to consider seeking professional help. Additionally, if you are regularly experiencing intense feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, and despair, that is another signal to reach out to a grief counsellor. An experienced, compassionate counsellor will provide you with a safe and confidential space to process these difficult emotions and navigate through the challenges of grief.

Is grief counselling a one-off or an ongoing process?

Navigating through grief is a complex, ongoing journey that takes time and patience. When coping with grief, it is important that you give yourself time to heal and do not put any pressure on yourself.

Everyone experiences grief differently, and everyone’s journey moves at a different speed. There is no predetermined or prescribed time to get over a loss. However, consistent grief counselling with a trusted professional is the best way to process and recover from your grief.

At New Vision Psychology, our dedicated team of grief counsellors provide ongoing support and guidance, so you have a safe space to work through your grief and learn methods to cope. It might take weeks, months, or years, but you can guarantee that we will always be there to support you in your journey.

What sort of events may trigger grief counselling?

The need for grief counselling may be triggered by a range of events and is helpful for people experiencing various hardships within their lives. Very often, it is not one specific event that triggers grief, but the cumulative effect of difficult events over time.

Common events that cause significant grief, and will benefit from counselling, include the loss of a loved one, a significant change in life circumstances, the breakdown of a relationship, a family crisis, or any traumatic event. These sorts of events are often the catalyst to feelings of anxiety, depression, or hopelessness, so it is important to reach out and seek help from a professional if you are feeling that way.

Is grief counselling covered by Medicare in Australia?

Yes – grief and loss counselling are covered under Medicare in Australia, with a referral from your GP or psychiatrist. The psychologist that you visit must be registered with Medicare themselves. At New Vision Psychology, all our grief counsellors and psychologists are registered with Medicare, so you can be confident you will be covered when you choose our grief counselling services.

The process with us is simple. Once you get a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP, make an appointment with us, and bring a copy of your plan to your first session. This will allow you to claim a Medicare rebate of $137.05 per session for a clinical psychologist, or $93.35 for a registered psychologist. Medicare will cover this amount for every session with us, up to a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year.