Services provided through the NDIS are free to the participant. The NDIS is an up-capped service, so unlike other government-funded schemes like Medicare, people who claim support under this service will not be charged for any support provided under the scheme. The NDIS was created to help ease the burden on participants who are living with a permanent disability, as well as their families and friends who support them through their daily lives.

Therapeutic and behavioural support are crucial when it comes to support with participants that have a disability because there are a lot of issues that may arise if people are not given adequate physical health and mental health support. Being able to find a range of service providers that can help each individual work through their issues is very important and it can help to improve the quality of life for those who are living with a permanent disability immensely. By providing each participant with the adequate support that meets their needs and giving them access to professionals that they may have not otherwise been exposed to, the NDIS helps thousands of people across Victoria, NSW and every other state across Australia get the care that they need to get through each day as best as they can.


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In recognising the need for flexible and holistic services that meet the varied needs of NDIS participants, New Vision Psychology is able to provide the following supports:

  • At-home visits and face to face contact from professionals in the disability support sector through NDIS funding.
  • Male and female practitioners are available, that specialise in supporting with those with a significant disability that will help them to manage living with a disability.
  • Holistic support, by liaising with all stakeholders including family members, other service providers and community supports who can assist participants.
  • Male and female NDIS service providers available to participants under the scheme, to suit a range of individual needs and impairments.
  • Assistance with daily living by providing therapeutic and behaviour support to those with a permanent disability, to give a better quality of life.
  • Providing information to those who need it about who can access NDIS funded support services and how you can connect with NDIS registered providers in your area.
  • Trained professionals providing behaviour support to those who need it, while helping to create strategies to deal with behaviour issues.
  • Mental health care offered to those who are figuring out how to live with a permanent disability and to improve their functioning.
  • Helping participants who have a pre-arranged NDIS plan to stick to the plans they have made so that they can get the most out of their support sessions.
  • Early intervention therapy for children who are experiencing behaviour issues from a young age, so that they can get the support that they need.
  • Help participants to outline and achieve their goals when it comes to getting the most out of each support session.
  • Assistance for participants who need help after hours from those experienced in support work and disability care.
  • Services in a variety of languages including English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Please contact New Vision Psychology on 1300 001 778 to discuss your individual needs and how we are able to work together to meet your goals. For more information on the National Disability Insurance Agency, visit the NDIS website to find out if you are eligible for funding due to a significant disability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological services under the NDIS are billed at $179.26 per session for counselling services (known as therapeutic support services) and $182.95 for behavioural interventions (known as behavioural support). 

Psychological services for cognitive assessments (for the diagnosis of Intellectual Disability), and assessments for the diagnosis of Autism and ADHD are billed at $200 per hour.

You are able to use funding under the category of ‘Improved Daily Living’ and/or ‘Improved Relationships’ to access psychological services.

Depending on your funding eligibility (which is determined by the NDIS), you are able to access the following psychological services through the NDIS:

  • counselling
  • psychological therapy
  • specialist behavioural intervention
  • assessment and diagnosis services
  • early childhood interventions

New Vision Psychology is a registered NDIS provider of psychological services.

Certain services, such as specialist behavioural interventions and early childhood interventions, require registration as an NDIS provider. In these cases, you will need to access a registered provider for services. 

Also, if your plan is managed by the NDIS (that is, the NDIS provides payments to the service providers), then you will also need to access a registered NDIS provider.

The NDIS system can be confusing. Please contact us on 1300 001 778, and we can assist you with understanding the funding that has been provided to you, and how you can access it for psychological services.

Case Studies

Barbara’s son Jackson is 18 years old and has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism. Jackson has recently been provided funding from the NDIS for psychological support, for both therapy and behavioural support. Barbara has contacted New Vision Psychology to enquire about our services, and how to book an appointment with one of our psychologists.


New Vision Psychology is a registered provider of NDIS services, and so scheduling support is very easy and straight forward. All that is needed to book an appointment is Jackson’s full name, date of birth and NDIS number. We do not need a referral from a doctor.


For the first session, we welcome both Barbara and Jackson to attend (depending on their preference). The psychologist will use the session to get to know Jackson and to understand his support needs. This could be anything including:


  • social skills support
  • managing anxiety
  • managing behaviours (such as anger, frustration, avoidance, opposition)
  • living a more fulfilling life
  • developing interests and hobbies

Sessions will also include input from Jackson’s family and broader support network including his teachers, carers, and other health professionals (where applicable).

The psychologist will also be able to make recommendations to the NDIS for future funding needs for psychological support, as well as other supports that may be beneficial for recovery and progress.