What is online counselling?

A new development in mental health services, online counselling is the delivery of support and assistance to those who need it, through online platforms. Awareness of mental health has increased significantly throughout the past decade, with a greater importance being placed on looking after your mental health. A big part of looking after your mental health is going to see a psychologist or therapist. But for many, it can be difficult to find time to look after your mental health. Thus, online counselling was developed to provide individuals with the same support services as those who can attend face-to-face appointments, by removing the barriers to access.

Therapists and psychologists who offer online counselling services do so through different mediums. Ranging from texting, video chat, video call, to voice messaging and audio messaging, online counselling services have opened accessibility to support for many and have proven to be effective.

How can online counselling help?

Online counselling is a service that can be used for a multitude of different reasons. Whether you are going through a hard time, suffering from severe stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other mental health issues, online counselling can be an option to explore.

Found to have helped many individuals through their mental health issues, online counselling is a great source of support, where individuals are able to speak out about their problems and gain the advice and help from professional therapists and psychologists.

Benefits of online counselling

Online counselling has many benefits, with the biggest benefit being the convenience and flexibility of the service. Because this service is online, it means that a session can be started at any time, and anywhere.