Anne Groedahl

Clinical Psychologist & Board-Approved Supervisor

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Anne is a clinical psychologist and board-approved supervisor who has been practicing since 2016. She supervises clinical psychology registrars (principal and/or secondary supervisor), provisional psychologists (secondary supervisor), early career psychologists, registered psychologists, clinical psychologists, re-entry program psychologists returning to practice, transitional program psychologists qualified overseas, and other mental health professionals.

Anne provides supervision for practitioners who work mainly with adults, across a wide range of presentations and treatments. Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol issues, relationship issues, interpersonal issues, stabilisation phase trauma, personality disorders and adjustments. She has worked in both in public and private settings, and clearly understands when referral to the public system is possible. She provides both face-to-face and online supervision.

Anne is passionate about discussing client presentations, understanding other psychologists’ processes, and exploring options and hypotheses around clients’ difficulties and different ways to assist. She is very supportive and prioritises the wellbeing of her supervisees. Her style is explorative and process-oriented; she focuses on gaining a nuanced understanding of the issues at hand, while also creating specific interventions for them.

Anne provides a safe, reflective and encouraging space for her supervisees. The structure of each supervision session varies depending on her supervisee’s needs. In a typical session, they would focus on a specific topic or case that her supervisee has brought forward. They would discuss and explore the case, process challenges and reflections, and consider ethical aspects where relevant.

Supervision has great professional and personal significance to Anne. For her, providing supervision allows her to be a supportive colleague to others in the industry. Not only is she driven to contribute to the psychological community with her learnings, she also believes she has a lot to learn from her supervisees and their points of view. Anne always feels rejuvenated and inspired after a session. Supervision helps her explore and improve her own practice, as well as gain personal growth and insight into her own processes and patterns. With a deep appreciation for the value of supervision, she is highly motivated to help her supervisees learn and grow in their practice.

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Anne provides supervision for

  • Clinical psychology registrars
  • Provisional psychologists
  • Early career psychologists
  • Registered psychologists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Re-entry program psychologists
  • Transitional program psychologists
  • Other mental health professionals