Cass Cheung

Customer Care Team Member

I’m passionate about helping others. The most exciting part of my job is to be able to help different people from various cultures and backgrounds. I also really enjoy working with our psychologists as they’re friendly and easy to communicate with; they understand our difficulties when we’re dealing with challenging issues.

Cass Cheung

Professional Experience

Cass is our Customer Service Coordinator. She is highly experienced in clinical administration with a strong background in healthcare customer service. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communications & Media) from the University of Sydney.

Cass is passionate about helping people fulfil their mental health needs. She finds it deeply meaningful to be able to remove barriers from seeking professional help, ensuring the therapeutic journey is as easy and safe as possible for our clients.

Cass is patient, responsible and down-to-earth. She has been professionally trained to handle mental health enquiries over the phone. With a strong understanding of our psychologists’ expertise and therapeutic styles, she supports our clients by matching them with the best therapist for their specific needs. She also carries out key administrative tasks to ensure our clinic runs seamlessly and efficiently.

Cass is thrilled whenever a client has a positive experience – from the moment of their enquiry, through to their booking experience, right to the end of their session.

When she’s not working, Cass enjoys going on road trips with friends, camping, hiking and spending time with her dog.

Cass is trilingual and also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.