Esther Chan

Customer Care Team Member

The most interesting part about my job is the people! Every person that I interact with comes with a unique set of experiences, challenges and responses. The exposure to multiple perspectives is very fascinating and humbling – it promotes constant learning and development.

Esther Chan

Professional Experience

Esther is our Customer Service Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and is a psychologist-in-the-making. Having worked in various mental health clinics, she has acquired a deep understanding of mental health struggles and how to provide support.   

Esther is fascinated with the complexities of the human mind and is passionate about helping people with their mental health. Her experience across multiple industries has helped her cultivate adaptability, compassion and cultural sensitivity.

Esther is empathetic, patient and curious. She provides support to our clients and psychologists – including facilitating intakes, scheduling bookings, responding to enquiries, keeping records, processing invoices and more. Her goal is to ensure that each client and psychologist has a smooth and positive experience throughout their time with us.  

Esther is fuelled by her strong desire for personal growth and professional development. As an aspiring psychologist, she is driven by her deep sense of empathy and desire to help others. In this role, she not only gains a behind-the-scenes understanding of how things work in a private practice, she is also exposed to the multifaceted challenges people face. While working with our psychologists, she learns about their different approaches, as well as their unique personalities and qualities which define their practice. This motivates and inspires her to provide help to the best of her capabilities.  

During her free time, Esther enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and going on walks to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Esther is trilingual and also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.