New Vision Psychology is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider and offers the following supports:

  1. Therapeutic support (improved daily living)
  2. Behaviour support (improved relationships)
  3. Early childhood interventions

We offer mental health services in Sydney CBD, Chatswood and Hurstville. This allows us to see you within the same week.

We have a team of 18 male and female psychologists who speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, and Hebrew.

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Therapeutic Support: $190 Book Appointment
Early Childhood Early Interventions (ECEI): $192 Book Appointment
Behavioural Support: $192 Book Appointment

NDIS Services We Can Provide For You

  • Review letters for renewal of NDIS plans
  • Cognitive and function assessments (for children and adults)
  • Mental health assessments
  • Home visits
  • Work collaboratively with your care-coordinators and family
  • Attend case meetings and school observations (if required)

To find out more about how we can assist you or a loved one, call New Vision Psychology on 0404 134 859 to discuss your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your NDIS plan states that you have access to Allied Health or Psychological Services, you may access support from us. Give us a call on 0404 134 859 if you have any questions about your funding.

We cover a broad range of psychological areas that you may use under the NDIS, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Depression
  • Child psychology
  • Cognitive assessments and treatments for ADHD, autism and other intellectual disabilities
  • Relationship counselling
  • Behavioural support
  • Anger management and emotional regulation
  • PTSD and trauma

Recommended: What is the NDIS?

The recommended NDIS rate for psychological services is $214 per hour.

At New Vision Psychology, psychological services under the NDIS are billed at $190.00 per session for counselling services (known as therapeutic support services) and $192.00 for behavioural interventions (known as behavioural support).

Psychological services for cognitive assessments (for the diagnosis of Intellectual Disability), and assessments for the diagnosis of Autism and ADHD are billed at $200 per hour.

You are able to use funding under the category of ‘Improved Daily Living’ and/or ‘Improved Relationships’ to access psychological services.

The NDIS can be confusing so please give us a call on 0404 134 859 so that we may assist in getting the help you seek.