Our Mission & Values


At New Vision Psychology, we help you achieve your therapy goals. We maximise therapeutic outcomes by matching you with the best psychologist for your specific needs. Dedicated to your progress, we go the extra mile to ensure you have a safe and comfortable therapy experience.


We are guided by these core values:


We prioritise effectiveness in everything we do – from our operations, to our service and our therapy. We provide a seamless experience to ease your mental health journey.


We are genuinely committed to your wellbeing. We understand that trust needs to be gained, and that’s why have structures in place to keep ourselves transparent and honest.

Professional Integrity and Ethics

We abide by a strict code of medical ethics and hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional integrity. We assume full duty of care towards our clients, and this is reflected in all aspects of our operations.

Exceptional Care

We support you throughout your mental health journey to the best of our abilities. We have systems in place to ensure that you are progressing towards your therapeutic goals when you are under our care.

Holistic and Inclusive

We are holistic in our approach, providing a comprehensive range of psychology services for people from all backgrounds.

Read on to see how we demonstrate these values in everything we do.


We make therapy simple and comfortable, and focus on helping you achieve the best possible results.

Optimised Systems

We’ve streamlined our processes to make the client experience as smooth as possible. You won’t be put on a waitlist and will likely get an appointment within the same week. We are with you every step of the way – from your initial enquiry, to preparing you for your first session, through to ongoing care and support.

Expert Clinical Team

To deliver a cohesive experience, our clinical intake team is backed by a professional triage system. Working together at our Sydney CBD location, they are guided by our clinical directors who provide immediate solutions to complex problems. We are highly responsive and respond to all phone and email enquiries within 24 hours.

Effective Treatment

We have more than 30 clinical and registered psychologists from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. This means we’re able to accurately match you with the best psychologist for your needs. By finding you the “right fit”, we help to maximise your therapy progress and outcomes.


We communicate authentically in the following ways to help you make informed decisions.

Providing Comprehensive Resources

We’re upfront and honest and this is reflected in our transparency with our rates, rebates, booking processes and cancellation policies. Our website contains extensive information on our services and psychologists, so that you can be best informed before booking in for a session. Our clinical intake team is also readily available via phone or email to answer any questions.

Setting Clear Expectations

We communicate clearly and set accurate expectations of our services. Our clinical intake team has been trained to assess your needs and help you choose the right service. We will never give false guarantees or mislead your expectations to lock in a booking. This is how we ensure we’re able to provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Informing Without Pressure

We never rush to book anyone in. We’re here to educate, inform and answer your questions. We’ll typically send you a comprehensive profile of the psychologist we recommend for you, so you can be sure you’re making a booking that’s right for you. We always give you time to consider and encourage you to think about your decision before making a booking.

Professional Integrity and Ethics

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

No Sales Tactics

We never try to sell our services or use tactics like “lock ins” for assessments or “packages” for ongoing sessions. We don’t want you to get an assessment, report or session that you don’t need. We always ensure you are getting a service that provides value and meets your needs. 

No Operational Conflicts of Interest

Our team consists of seasoned psychologists who are skilled enough to work as contractors. They are highly experienced and independent practitioners who excel at managing their caseload. This structure enables us to operate honestly without conflicts of interest. Our practitioners do not have to achieve any KPIs, and there is no pressure for our intake team to fill their books, as we believe that would compromise our ability to run an ethical practice.

Exceptional Care

We go above and beyond to help you get the care you need.

Personalised Service

Despite being quite a big practice, our relationships with our clients are intimate and personal. We’re warm and approachable – it’s always easy to talk to us. You benefit from the resources of a large practice, while receiving personalised service from a tightly knit team.

Continuity of Care

To achieve better treatment outcomes and client satisfaction, we provide consistency, continuity and coordination of client care. This means we provide treatments that meet your changing needs, and work collaboratively with your healthcare providers and loved ones. We create a sense of predictability and security by ensuring relational continuity throughout your ongoing therapeutic relationship with us.

Prioritising Your Safety, Progress and Satisfaction

We want to know how you’re progressing and actively collect and encourage feedback. We’ll send you a survey after your initial session so you can let us know your thoughts about your experience, from your onboarding process to your session with your psychologist. Our clinical director personally addresses each piece of feedback with significant care and ethics, to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Holistic and Inclusive

We are holistic and inclusive in our approach to mental health care. 

Broad coverage across services and expertise

Our 30+ psychologists come from various professional backgrounds, with expertise across an extensive range of areas. If you require a specific area or type of treatment, our multiskilled team will take care of you. We have the capacity to refer you internally and will conduct a seamless handover to the right practitioner.

Inclusive and safe experience

We create a sense of belonging for everyone, regardless of your age, gender, language, culture or specific needs. We cultivate genuine connections with each of our clients, so that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Multilingual and culturally sensitive therapy

We are one of the only private practices in Sydney that provides services in 10+ languages. It is important that our services match the needs of the population. We have bilingual and multilingual psychologists providing services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Bengali, Hindi, Afrikaans, Norwegian and Croatian.